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Chris Johns

Front-End Software Engineer

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iCloud for Windows on USB

February 23, 2024

I wanted to have my iCloud Drive and Photos automatically backed up to an external USB drive using iCloud for Windows. You know, because having backups are important. We’ll unfortunately need to u...

HomeKit and Accessories

February 6, 2024

I’ve been through a few iterations of home automation systems… Google Nest, Home Assistant + NodeRed, POE cameras, etc… I’ve tried a LOT of products, a LOT of setups, and dealt with a LOT of head...

The Johnny Decimal System

February 2, 2024

The Johnny Decimal System is a way to organize your digital life. It’s a system that I’ve been using for a while now and I’ve found it to be very effective. It’s a simple system that is easy to und...

HomeAssistant: More Homework

November 22, 2022

Before the pandemic started, I dove in the deep end into home automation. I had a few smart devices, but I wanted to make them work together. Like many, HomeAssistant was a logical choice for someo...

New Blog, Who Dis

September 19, 2020

My name is Chris Johns, and I’ve been involved in front-end development for many years. I’ve got a decent eye for design and a huge curiosity for anything technology. My top skills would include p...